Why Be Just Another Copywriter

When You Could be a Master Persuader?

Unlock Your Unique Persuasion Advantage Based on Your Strengths, Limitations, Personality, and Psychological Makeup

So You Provoke an Impulsive, Effortless YES In Anyone to Double, Triple, Quadruple Your Sales, Conversions & Impact

MEET BUSHRA AZHAR  //  Founder & Lead Trainer of The Persuasion School

I am Bushra & I am a mad scientist when it comes to persuasion; reading, testing, researching, mixing up strange unmentionable concoctions and then synthesizing all of this persuasion wisdom into simple actionable strategies that can take you light years ahead of everyone in your industry,

I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behavior and have taught thousands of tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.

I am legit obsessed with how the human brain works but also with how to use this information to get a YES online. I have taken thousands of people from lost & frazzled to being intergalactic balls of awesome...all through the power of persuasion.

My students have used my persuasion hacks to make millions of dollars while slashing their ad budgets by 80% and from lists of less than 100 people.

I am nothing special

I have no friends in high places, no big name affiliates, no massive team, no coaches, no mastermind buddies to give me a leg up.

Heck some days I don't even have enough energy to fetch myself a cuppa.

I am just a little shot that thought she could, and she did.

Because guess what?

Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.

With me by your side, you too will become a big shot....on your terms.

Bushra Azhar


When you play the game of selling your ideas, your work or yourself, you cannot rely on chance.
You cannot let someone else take the lead on getting to YES.
You cannot let people decide willy-nilly if they like you (or not)
If your product is worth it (or not)
If they should give you money (or not).

You cannot bet on luck in The Persuasion Games if you want to win.
There is only one way to twist the odds in your favour...always.
Become a Master Persuader.

When you do, your sales will be effortless and your launches painless.

This book is your chance to become the Master Persuader of your industry. 

Find Your Persuasion Personality Type By Taking This 3 Minute Assessment

Because there’s nothing worse than trying to force-fit yourself into an icky, yucky, loathsome persuasion style some oily-haired sales guru tried to shove down your throat

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