Your 5 Figure Offer Should Not Require a Blood Sacrifice Or Your First Born as a Fast Action Bonus

Find Out How to Use The Power of Human Motivation Theory, Buyer Psychology & Consumer Behavioral Insights to Create & Sell a 5 Figure Offer With Virtually Zero Rejections

So I can take my poopoo on a stick offer & turn it into a 5 Figure Offer in 2 days?

Well yes & no...
If your offer is poopoo on a stick because it doesn’t do what it promises, then I can’t help you, and also you need to reconsider your life choices.
But if your offer is poopoo on a stick because it doesn't sell well OR you don't know how to position it, so it looks like a steal OR you are unsure on the path you need to lead people on, so the end is an easy enthusiastic YES
Then yes yes yes..the answer is an emphatic YES, I can help you in ways  your competitors can only dream of.

But First Let me Tell You The Tale of Two 5 Figure Offers

Both promise similar solutions, have similar pricing, similar bonuses..heck even their sales pages look the same, but there is one small difference.

Can you spot the difference?

Hint: That one small difference makes offer 2 sell 10 times more than offer 1 and with far more ease.

5 Figure Offer that's hard or impossible to sell

5 Figure Offer that's easy & downright delightful to sell

Yes, You Guessed it, It's All About The Need Barometer
All Humans Have a Need Barometer Inside their Heads

When you try to sell your 5 Figure Offer to someone who thinks they "maybe kinda have a bit of a problem", you are selling to someone whose barometer is still in the RED

And she’s like:

And that right there is the reason most 5 Figure Offers never sell.

You are trying to sell a solution to someone who is not yet clear on:

The exact problem
The root cause of the problem
The size & magnitude of the problem
The cost of the problem remaining unsolved

They also don’t see you as THE solution but A solution.

When You Sell To People Whose Barometer Is Green (Spoiler Alert: YOU Take Them To Green)

They can see, feel, hear & experience their problem in glaring light
So they need it resolved ASAP.
They are like:

It’s almost as if the PITCH become irrelevant.

It’s like you are taking a stroll inside their brains and making them shake their heads to anything you put forth
Not in a creepy way but in a caring grandmotherly way

Behold The 5 Figure Offer Creation, Positioning & Selling System That Moves The Needle to GREEN

Human Motivation Theory + Buyer Psychology + Consumer Behavioral Insights


Stage One- PULL through Pain Signalling

It all starts with understanding how people make buying decisions.
Think of it like an actual switch. That gets turned on or off
When it’s turned on, people pay attention, click read open buy
When it’s turned off, nothing happens.
There’s no in-between
And guess what’s the fastest way to switch it on
Pain signalling.
Where every post, email, marketing message that you send out signals to them that:

You see & understand their pain better than they do.

Remember, people don't buy from people they understand, they buy from people who make them feel understood.
That is the crux of pain signalling and when done right, you will PULL people to you without even trying.


Stage Two- SCREEN For Buying Ability

Here’s the biggest mistake people make when selling a 5 Figure Offer, they try and sell to everyone.
Here’s a head canon:
People need to earn the right to be sold your 5 Figure Offer
They need to self select, self-screen, self- appoint themselves to be worthy of being sold your thing.
Yes, this means you will be showing your offer to a smaller percentage of people, but they will be the right people. Not to mention, the prestige that comes with being selected and screened (to be sold to) is unmatched.

Best of all, you will weed out people who either:
Don't have the money to invest
Have the money but not the intention at this time to change their situation

By carefully screening people for buying ability, you will get people who are not just ready and eager to buy but also able to afford it.


Stage Three- DIAGNOSE through Deep Diagnosis

You pull out your BMW from the garage and immediately hear a strange ticking sound from the front wheel...

You panic
stop the car, look around
Panic some more
try googling it, look around
Panic even more
pretend it has gone away (spoiler alert: it hasn't gone away)
Panic reaches new heights..
Finally, you call the BMW service center HOPING, PRAYING DESPERATELY WILLING THEM TO tell you that they can fix it dammit!!
but they don't tell you that now, do they?

They tell you to bring it for a diagnostic **insert a guttural groan**
and as much as you HATE the idea of not having your problem resolved right away, you also appreciate the value of finding out THE REAL PROBLEM.
A diagnostic by its very nature is the easiest, most painless way for people to see the real cause, the actual root of their pain, and for them to pay any amount for the resolution of that problem.

A diagnostic when deployed correctly makes the potential buyer beg for a resolution instead of you having to push for it.
And THAT is why it is such a powerful step in your 5 Figure Offer journey.


Stage Four- CURE through Custom Prescriptions

Here are a few facts about humans:

Fact one: we feel we are special, our problems, issues, burden are all special
Fact two: We place a much MUCH higher value on a specialist rather than a generalist
Fact three: we often downplay our need for a solution, and it takes a specialist doctor to bring the real issue to the surface (The webMD dilemma)
Fact four: Once we find a solution custom prescribed for us, it is virtually impossible for us to walk away from it

That is really what the CURE is all about.
Does that mean the offer is unique to every person and that you have to change it or tweak it every time someone buys?
LOL no I am not a lunatic and I don’t enjoy pain.

The idea is to frame your offer in a way that it seems like it is personalized to them.
Not in an icky “I am trying to fool you” way, but in a “I know your pain and as a specialist I believe this is the perfect solution for you” way.

5 Figure Offers With Virtually ZERO Rejections Are Your New Normal

And yes, this system works in any market, no matter how bustling with competition it is. From personal transformation industries like health, mindset, spirituality to more business oriented industries like web design, funnels, copywriting, business coaching, sales, financial planning...or even less common ones like event planning, speaker training, risk management, professional growth & more.

Imagine Getting As Much as 80% Conversion Rate On Your 5 Figure Offer

Yes, my students who are using the P.S.D.C system for creating & selling 5 Figure Offers and seeing conversion rates as high as 80% (with average being 58%). No more settling for a measly 1%, we are going mega massive people!

Imagine People Throwing Their Wallets at Your Face Just By Sharing a Teaser

Using pain signalling posts, personalized emails & messages while promoting means that they don't even need to know all the nitty gritty to be able to throw their wallets at your face. All they do is respond to your Pain Signalling!

Imagine Ditching the Pitch For Your 5 Figure Offer because it just sells...with ease & delight

Framing your 5 Figure Offer in the context of value & supported by a deep dive diagnostic that comes with a personalized individualized prescription means that people are not just ready but eager, even desperate to get started.

The Problem With High Ticket Positioning

Framing your offer in the context of PRICE is a losing battle
You will forever have to justify how the value compares to the price.

Framing your 5 Figure Offer in the context of value & supported by a deep dive diagnostic that comes with a personalized individualized prescription means that people are not just ready but eager, even desperate to get started.

The NO is simply eliminated from that equation.

Saying NO after this is like someone saying to a doctor:

“thank you for doing a thorough analysis of your skin and lifestyle and creating a custom-made prescription for my adult onset acne, but I will go buy a tube of Clearasil from the drugstore because it’s cheaper”

No one does that..unless they are stupid & you don't want stupid people as clients any way

Know what people do when they get a custom prescription?
They don’t question the cost
Or the trouble involved
Or even the time it takes to get the cure
They want it NOW!

And that is exactly the mental state you want them to be in when they see your 5 Figure Offer
No, “let me think about it”
No, “I am not sure yet”
No, “I need to check with my partners”
No, “this is not the right time”
And definitely no questioning the cost

Ready for 5 Figure Offers With Virtually ZERO Rejections?

Here's Everything We Will Cover In The 5 Figure Intensive

August 17-18, 2022

Over a 2 day period and 8 hours of training & coworking, I will give you everything you need to create, position and structure your 5 Figure Offer using the P.S.D.C system with all my tools, templates, planning systems & mindmaps. You also get all recordings if you can't attend live.

5 Figure Offer Live- Day One- Session One- The Cure

The Ultimate 5 Figure Zero Rejection Offer Builder.
Armed with these time-tested and repeatable augmentation tweaks... you're almost guaranteed to see virtually zero rejections.. no matter how competitive or saturated your market may be.

Because guess what your prescription is custom, personalized & individualized for them (and no that doesn't mean you are actually creating a new cure for everyone)

5 Figure Offer Live- Day One- Session Two- The Diagnostic

The Science & Psychology of Deep Diagnostics
How to create & structure a deep diagnostic that perfectly aligns with your CURE and primes people to buy as they go through the diagnostic.
A diagnostic by its very nature is the easiest, most painless way for people to see the real cause, the actual root of their pain, and for them to pay any amount for the resolution of that problem.
When deployed correctly, this makes the potential buyer beg for a resolution instead of you having to push for it.

5 Figure Offer Live- Day Two- Session One- The Screening

The Buying Ability Grid to Screen, Sort & Select Your Best Buyers
There are so many ingenious ways for your buyers to self select, self-screen, self- appoint themselves to be worthy of being sold your 5 Figure Offer.
In this session you will learn simple, tools, systems and even phrases to use in your marketing that will allow you to screen & sort your buyers even before they get to see the offer.

5 Figure Offer Live- Day Two- Session Two- The Pain Signalling

Get to Green: The Complete Planning System to Move The Need Barometer to Green in 11 Days
How to prevent your people from experiencing "Cognitive Withdrawal", so they don't see your messages and doze off or worse, run screaming.
This is where you learn how to craft your messages so that every post, email, marketing message that you send out signals to them that you see & understand their pain better than they do

How much faster is a million- dollar horse from a $10,000 horse? Is it a thousand times faster? 

No. It's a few inches faster*

Let’s say you want to make just one sale of your 5 Figure Offer a week

You will need to get 30 people on varying levels of The Need Barometer

You will need 9 of those people to be screened successfully for buying ability

You will need 4 of them to opt for a deep diagnostic

You will get one sale of your 5 Figure Offer... about a 30% conversion (our average using this system is 60%)

Now what do you need to actually make this happen?

Do you need to be a thousand times better than everyone else?
Do you need to get a thousand times more people?
Do you need to be a thousand times more sophisticated, more fancy, more anything?

You just need to have something to give you those few extra inches (no pun intended)

And this intensive right here gives you those extra inches & more.....with battle-tested, psych-approved ways to churn out 5 Figure Offers that sell without stress, struggle, or strain... and do it faster while also getting more life-transforming results for your clients than you ever thought possible.

* Quote by Zig Ziglar

I Will Be Your Instructor, Guide, Booboo-Kisser, Booty-Smasher for 2 Days

Bushra Azhar

I am Bushra & I am a mad scientist when it comes to persuasion; reading, testing, researching, mixing up strange unmentionable concoctions and then synthesizing all of this persuasion wisdom into simple actionable strategies that can take you light years ahead of everyone in your industry,

I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behavior and have taught thousands of tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.

I am legit obsessed with how the human brain works but also with how to use this information to get a YES online. I have taken thousands of people from lost & frazzled to being intergalactic balls of awesome...all through the power of persuasion.

So I know a thing or thousand about creating, positioning & selling 5 Figure Offers using Human Motivation Theory, Buyer Psychology & Consumer Behavioral Insights.

My strategies work, period, full stop, end of story

Ready To Create 5 Figure Offers With Virtually Zero Rejections?

  • Access to 5 Figure Live Intensive Aug 17-18 2022 + All Recordings
  • Get to Green: The Complete Planning System to Move The Need Barometer to Green in 11 Days
  • Your 5 Figure Custom Prescription Mindmap
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Your 5 Figure Offer Done Or Your Money Back- Guaranteed

The 5 Figure Offer will put all your "I can'ts" on blast and will empower you with packaging, selling & positioning strategies that only the 1% know. This means that not only will you be ready with your 5 Figure Offer, but also have every tool in your arsenal to sell it with ease & delight. If you attend the intensive live and by the end of day one, you feel like I have not delivered on my promise, please ask for your money back.  No seriously, I insist. Send me one email & I will issue a 100% refund, no questions asked.

I am not here to sell you an idea, I am here to sell you on YOU

And I hope you are in a buying mode

You are the best idea you have ever had
Don’t discount it.
Don't fall in the trap of “but I could never”
Don't let the whisperings of the uninspired make you feel less than
Don't let the negative nancy living inside your head make you question your gifts, your talents, your brilliance
You are capable of creating & selling 5 Figure Offers with ease & delight
You are capable of getting people lining up with their wallets open begging for a spot in your programs
By refusing to listen to the whisperings of your soul & settling for less than you deserve...
You're selling yourself on the short term pleasure, at the expense of the better, lasting long term benefit.
And I. Will. Not. Allow. That.

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