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This is not a course this is a mentorship & certification opportunity and it comes with a full business in a box element so you know exactly how to position yourself as a persuasion expert & charge top dollar for it

"Sold two audits halfway through the program"

What I love the most about the Certified Master Persuader program is the way Bushra structured each part with learn, practice, sell. This was the ultimate “you will not sit around learning and not doing” cure-all.
By week three I was already sharing my new sales message and halfway through the program I had already sold two audits as an intro to my business intensive. 
Joining Bushra on this adventure was the best decision I could’ve made for my business!

Carin Kilby Clark

Executive Coach at Carin Kilby Clark

"Sold an offer WHILE doing her final exam"

On my very first offer audit I sold a four figure package (to someone who just days before had never even heard of me). The tool is an amazing diagnostic that helps pinpoint exactly where to laser focus and complements perfectly with my skills to support clients to close the sales and messaging gaps

Holly MacCue

Sales & Messaging Coach at Holly MacCue Coaching

"Ten audits sold already and just warming up!"

I have sold more than ten audits already and people have asked me to work with them over and over again.

I had learned a lot about sales psychology before from Bushra. But this tool makes it so much more accessible and emphasizes my position as an ads strategist who combines successful ads with storytelling and sales psychology. 

I will never do a sales call again. Instead, I have a USP people come for and then want to buy even more.

Miriam Betancourt

Storymarketing für Hirn, Herz und Geldbörse mit Onlineanzeigen

"Sold 7 audits BEFORE becoming certified & 2 of those 7 upgraded to a 5 figure package "

I thought I knew a LOT about copy and consumer behavior, but Bushra took it to a whole other level in CMP with the depth of the persuasion intelligence shared.

I’ve sold 7 audits BEFORE becoming officially master persuasion certified with two of the seven going on to buy my five figure higher end offer as an upsell. #holla

So nope no buyer’s remorse for me as CMP is the BEST investment I’ve made for my business to date with a 227% ROI to match! 

Dottie Reynolds

Facebook Ads Ace

When you become a Certified Master Persuader, not only do you get the unmatched privilege of persuasion mastery...

but you will also learn the skills to deliver, transformational business results that your clients will pay thousands of dollars for

"Two €2,797 packages within 6 days of becoming certified"

What has blown me away is the depth of the content combined with the personal attention and care from Bushra. I always felt that Bushra really wanted me to succeed.

Since taking part in CMP, I've noticed a shift in how my audience reacts to me, it's taking me more seriously as a copywriter and coach. I've also been getting a lot of private messages asking me what I'm up to and what these audits are all about.

Lynn Coleman

Guide for online healers, coaches and trainers. at Your Epic Business

"Converted 50% of my audience into paying customers"

Using the strategies I learned in the CMP in my own business has allowed me to convert 50% of a (small) audience from a free challenge into buying customer as well as reposition a low-ticket offer at mid-ticket prices

Learning how to use the power of persuasion in this structured and focused way has given me the exact framework to scale my own business and help my clients take their offers and positioning from bland and boring to standing head, shoulders and knees above the crowd.

Miriam Gilbert

Corporate Clients for Coaches & Consultants- Impactfulness Lab

Being a Certified Master Persuader Means That You Sell Without Actually Selling

Because you have undeniable authority in your field, because you never have to compete for attention, because you stand out like a lighthouse no matter how crowded your market is

"Got extra work just by announcing I was accepted in CMP"

Just by announcing I was accepted on to CMP, two clients asked for extra work. For one of them I have quadrupled the signs up to a new training they're running (and it's outside of their normal niche)!

The Persuasion Audit tool itself is a stunning piece of work - so simple to use and even with just a short demo it practically sells itself - even to those who are normally cynical about such things.

Ginette Tessier

Online Business Alchemist & Certified Master Persuader at The Get That Gang

"Sold a coaching package while doing the final exam"

I am delighted to be a bona-fide Certified Master Persuader! 

The whole process has been akin to being invited to go behind the curtain and seeing how The Wizard works her wonders.
As I was doing my final exam audit, I pitched a fast action price available only whilst we were on the call ... and she said YES!!!! 

Stephanie Byrne

Getting female Life Coaches online today

"Sold my LUXE Launching VIP day on my FIRST audit"

Completing my first ever offer audit with The Persuasion Audit Tool was so fun and made delivering feedback so professional and easy!
She was SO excited to work with me on her launch after this audit because it showcased the areas that could be tweaked to 10x her results, it gave tangible ways to improve what was already great and allowed me to position my offer to take her offer to the masses! 

Chantelle Adams

I teach women entrepreneurs to own their story & have the courage to share it

"Sold an audit for $1,500 that led to a $15k launch project"

I’ve run a marketing agency for nine years so I already knew a thing or two on how to convert leads but Bushra’s CMP is next-level Ninja persuasion! Mind. Blown.

Before we even got access to the tool I was able to sell an audit for $1,500 that led to a $15k launch project. My Master Persuader Certification has already paid for itself before even fully completing the program.

Christine Mortensen

Growing women-owned businesses at Sprk'd

Dare to be Extraordinary
Dare to have a $10,000,000 Dream

Join The Elite Group of Master Persuaders Who Are Changing Online Marketing For Good

MEET BUSHRA AZHAR  //  Founder & Lead Trainer of The Persuasion School

I am Bushra & I am a mad scientist when it comes to persuasion; reading, testing, researching, mixing up strange unmentionable concoctions and then synthesizing all of this persuasion wisdom into simple actionable strategies that can take you light years ahead of everyone in your industry,

I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behavior and have taught thousands of tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.

I am legit obsessed with how the human brain works but also with how to use this information to get a YES online. I have taken thousands of people from lost & frazzled to being intergalactic balls of awesome...all through the power of persuasion.

My students have used my persuasion hacks to make millions of dollars while slashing their ad budgets by 80% and from lists of less than 100 people.

I am nothing special

I have no friends in high places, no big name affiliates, no massive team, no coaches, no mastermind buddies to give me a leg up.

Heck some days I don't even have enough energy to fetch myself a cuppa.

I am just a little shot that thought she could, and she did.

Because guess what?

Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.

With me by your side, you too will become a big shot....on your terms.

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