The First & Only Persuasion Focussed Live Event Where You Come As a Regular Person & Leave a Master Persuader

October 14-15, 2021------12 PM UK to 7 PM UK

Two Days. 12 Speakers. Persuasion Forever UNLOCKED!

Best part?
It doesn’t matter how much of a rookie you are now.
It doesn’t matter how much of a noob you are now.
It doesn’t even matter how much time, money, clout you have now.
This one ocean-divider skill alone will turn you into a Master Persuader who can take over any niche, dominate any market and rule any industry

Learn from these Certified Master Persuaders & never struggle with a NO ever again.

Persuasive Profit Systems-

Angela Henderson

Persuasion Powered Profit System The 3 Step Framework to turn your business into a sale-getting, objection-crushing, launch-smashing engine of pure profit EVERY DAY

Persuasive Sales Pages- Marjan Crabtree

Back-Button Proof Your Sales Page
Steal my top 3 under the radar persuasion hacks to get A Slam-Dunk YES from your buyers (even if right now you can barely get them to scan the top of your sales page)

Using TikTok For a Perpetual Stream of Clients- 

Li Lin

From Tik Tok to Cha-Ching
The Science, Art & Chemistry of using the Psychology of Persuasion to get  high-paying coaching clients on Tik Tok  without having to dance around maniacally or point at random things on the screen

High Ticket Sales Using Ethical Persuasion -Yasemin Inal

Non-Icky High Ticket Sales Using Ethical Persuasion
Implement these 5 Science-Backed Psychological Triggers To Get people off the fence and into your buy button without resorting to Icky tactics that devalue your brand & makes people want to throw rotten eggs at you

Persuasive Advertising- Indira Michelle

Become IOS14 & Pandemic Proof With Persuasive Advertising
3 30 second psychological tactics to tweak your ads for an immediate & drastic improvement in your conversions (hint: it’s about understanding & leveraging neuro-marketing)

Non-Sleazy Sales Using Psychology- Dounia Lkoundi

Non-Sleazy Sales for Female Entrepreneurs Powered by Psychology

The 3 Psychological Secrets of Sustainable Success every female entrepreneur needs to know if they want to rise above the sea of mediocrity taking over their industry

Persuasive Offers- Karin Olson

Make More Bank With Less Tank The Secrets To Crafting Persuasive Offers That are Impossible to Say No To. Get 3 immediately implementable tweaks and a little-known framework to crafting offers so persuasive that people line up to buy even before you open the cart

Psychology of Profitable Evergreen Funnels- Jackie Muscat

From Evergreen to EverProfit
How to use buyer psychology to get a torrent of new clients beating down your door every day (even if you think your funnel is broken beyond repair and want to set it on fire)

Christine Mortensen- Meet the Master Persuader

Meet Christine Mortensen, your knightess-in-ultra-bright-shining-smile-armour! Christine helps women running consulting/coaching, and creative businesses slay their marketing dragons so they attract the clients they crave. She is also one of our Master Persuader Mentors.

Persuasive Programmes- Cathy Simmons

From Meh to OMG YES!
Two ethical persuasion tweaks every therapist, healer and trainer needs to deploy for programmes that sell out effortlessly (even if you have never sold anything online & asking for the sale makes you want to drown yourself in a cup of tea)

Ginette Tessier

Meet the Master Persuader

Our next Master Persuader Mentor is the Wonder Woman Ginette: Online Business Alchemist and CEO of The Get That Gang, she works with experts who need a kickstart or a kick up the butt in their online business.

Mansi Rastogi

Meet the Master Persuader

Mansi is a Master Persuader Mentor and is the unabashed combination of the swashbuckling Puss in Boots with the mind-blowing Vulcan. As a Positioning Strategist, she gets Consultants and B2Bs leveraging their expertise to get sales, even if they have a “barely there” social presence and truly suck at marketing themselves.



With Bushra That will make you want to french-kiss your screen

Online Persuasion 101

How to dominate your nook of the internet by outsmarting the Algorithmic Brain, outcharming the Emotional Brain & outwitting the Logical Brain

Weapons of Mass Persuasion

Steal these high velocity persuasion hacks to use in your business today for more sales, more impact and far more moolah

The Million Dollar Expert

The 90-day plan that a non-native English speaker from a 3rd world country used to build a multi-million dollar global business from her closet office (lovingly known as The Cloffice)


REVEALED: The $32,500/month Bolt-on Revenue Opportunity

For coaches, copywriters and consultants that is instantly transplantable in any existing business without creating any new offer or working any extra hours


Hogwarts School of Persuasion & Neuro Nerdery

Because I am a hoot..but, not an empty-headed, giggly hoot. I am a nerdy, smarty-pants, psychology-obsessed hoot and you need ME in your life...
Because this is the ONLY event focussed entirely on persuasion.
Because you can not keep whining, begging, pleading, hoping you will win at this game of persuasion
Because this is the ONLY event worth attending if you want 2021 to be the year you are the PERSUADER!

No vague promises

No "Umm maybes" or "it depends" 

No “ come hang out, mastermind and drink wine with me” (though you CAN if that’s how you work best)

Certainly no “visualization exercises for 12 hours when your business BEGS you to start making money dammit

We might be caught chilling with coffee at some point but we WILL be working on your persuasion game…you know by osmosis…. from my brain to yours…


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