FINALLY! A Multi-Millionaire Persuasion Strategist Reveals Her Most Carefully-Concealed Persuasion Secrets

That Will Pull a Horde of Drooling, Slobbering Fervent Buyers Ready to Buy Everything You Offer

So You Reign Supreme Like a Goddess Amidst the Other Mere Mortals of Your Industry..Now and Forever More.

Best part?
It doesn’t matter how much of a rookie you are now.
It doesn’t matter how much of a noob you are now.
It doesn’t even matter how much time, money, clout you have now.
This one ocean-divider skill alone will turn you into a Master Persuader who can take over any niche, dominate any market and rule any industry

But let’s first uncover some of the secrets of persuasion mastery that no one talks...secrets that put people into what I call a Value Trance. This is almost a hypnotic state of undivided all-eyes-on-you enchantment where people are almost powerless to resist you.

 Invisible Persuasion is POWER, everything else is a soiled piece of toilet paper stuck to Satan’s shoe

If your persuasion prowess is obvious, it’s worse than that soiled piece of toilet paper.
It gets you sneers, jabs and stink eyes.

Real persuasion is invisible. You don’t see it in action unless you’ve been trained to look for it.
Once you master invisible persuasion
Command your audience’s attention even in the most cut-throat markets.
Get all the eyeballs, all the buzz, all the hype
Convert more browsers into subscribers
More subscribers into buyers.
And more buyers into evangelists
All with less time and less effort.
You’ll be able to influence your audience to get more opens, clicks, signups & sales.

All while making your competition irrelevant.

You’ll plug the money-draining holes in all your business. And crank out such airtight, objection-proof campaigns that people will be saying hell yes to you without knowing why they are doing it.

All without becoming a poop-speckled piece of toilet paper, stuck to Satan’s shoe

Want to give your brand a whole new level of persuasive punch? 

One that eliminates any doubt and confusion in people’s minds about your ability. And makes them sit up and take notice of you? 

All while nodding along to every thing you say?


And slide under their radars to get them to nod along and make it impossible for them to ignore you.

This is what life look like when you master invisible put your people on a bullet-train to the buy button.

 You Should Be The Agatha Christie of Your Market (even without any literary talent)

According to a British documentary, scientists studied 80 of Agatha Christie’s novels and discovered she used words that invoked chemical responses in the brains of her readers.

The study, called The Agatha Project analysed her words, phrases, and sentences. They found that they act as a trigger to raise levels of serotonin and endorphins, the chemical messengers in the brain that induce pleasure. This chemical reaction causes people to seek out her books again and again, almost like an addiction.
Let that sink in for a minute…
Words that create pleasure…
Words that trigger an automatic and favorable response in the human brain
If you knew how to write such words, how would you business change?
How your sales would change?
How your brand, your marketing, your influence would change?

Because these addicting words aren’t gimmicks or hacks.
Buried deep within these words are some of the same elements used by the savviest, most successful marketers & leaders in the world.
Master persuaders who tap into their audiences’ deepest emotional hot buttons at will. And literally compel action that generates more traffic, more leads and more sales. 

Being able to use these addicting words, not just means being able to sell more stuff (Guinness World Records lists Agatha Christie as the best-selling fiction writer of all time, her novels having sold more than two billion copies.) but also to create a chemical reaction in your buyer’s brain, so they can never have enough of your brand, your presence or your words.

It’s not voodoo mind-control. But it might seem like it once you start seeing the results they produce. What results you ask? Results like these…

 The Chaplin School of Internet Seduction Makes Your Favourite Guru Cry in His Soup

Charlie Chaplin grew up in dire poverty, dealing with a mentally ill mother. Despite all this, in 1914, Chaplin managed to get the lead in a film short called Making a Living.
To play this role, he chose to dress, act & walk in a very peculiar was as if a whole new character had come to life. The rest is history.
What instantly set Chaplin apart from the horde of other comedians working in silent film, was this one secret that most gurus just ignore.
He used a very specific form of persuasion that gets you money, fame, status and the freedom to do whatever the fark you want.
And when you use it well, you’ll target the burning hot take-my-money button in your audiences.
It will trigger a deep-seated buying emotion that will make saying “yes” to your offer a no-brainer.
It’ll create a buying decision in their minds so one-sided, they’ll either take action or actually apologize for not doing the right thing. 

And yet, this persuasion tactic is so subtle that your audiences will get the point on their own.
They’ll decide on their own that what you have is exactly what they want.
Using this kind of “sneaky” technique in the right spot, your offer will be near impossible to refuse.

Evoke a State of Waking Hypnosis Every time You Open Your Mouth

In 1956 an anonymous hypnotist, in his course, Dynamic Speed Hypnosis, declared:
“Anything you do which makes your listeners react because of MENTAL IMAGES you plant in their minds is WAKING HYPNOSIS

The fastest way to evoke waking hypnosis is to bring enthusiasm into your mannerism. Enthusiasm is contagious and it's also a bit puzzling for some.
“What is she so enthusiastic about?”
“There has to be a reason why she is so excited”

A line delivered with enthusiasm packs a punch so powerful, it’s virtually impossible to escape its magic.

Do this exercise if you don't believe me:
Say this line in a monotone slow unenergetic tone
“I’m spending summers in a country cottage”
Now say the exact same thing in an excited happy enthusiastic tone

Immediately the mental image of that country cottage changes from an old broken down sad looking depilated cottage to a lively fairy house surrounded by ferns with a cute little bench and maybe even a small stream running next to it.

Enthusiasm sells people. And you cannot persuade anyone of anything unless you yourself are first convinced.
Emotional appeal and all the other tips will fall in line if you are sold on what you are saying. 

The power of my enthusiasm for my own material is so strong that every time we open a cart for something, we have to email our finance guy to remind him:
“Just make sure no one buys the same thing twice..or thrice”

Because #truetory we had someone (more than once) buy a $2,500 course THREE TIMES.

Best part? We are the one who caught this mistake and the pain of having to refund the $5000 is still fresh in my memory. Yes, we told her about the mistake & refunded the money because #integrity

This is what a state of waking hypnosis does to people’s’s almost automatic and even pleasurable. Look at the Video below from my Teachable Account showing sales from  a SINGLE DAY

Leapfrog to The Top.... Don’t WORK Your Way to the Top

In Winning Through Intimidation, habits expert Robert J. Ringer explores an idea he calls “The Leapfrog Theory.”
To give you the (unauthorized) CliffsNotes® version of the theory, Robert basically states that if you want to reach the top tier of your industry, you can either work your way there or you can leapfrog to the top.
It takes balls to do it, but people leapfrog with success all the time now. If you're that stylist for entrepreneurs, slap the title right onto your LinkedIn profile — “The Go-To Celebrity Stylist for Online Entrepreneurs.”
This is not a get-rich-quick or get-famous-quick scheme. If you call yourself “The Millionaire Mentor” but your business is 3 days old and your net worth has a minus sign in front of it, people will see through your glossy bullshit very quickly.
If you claim you've accomplished something when you have not, that is fraud. Plain and simple. How often do we see these “Course Creation Experts” come along but their only credential is buying someone else's course guessed it, creating courses?
But if you are the real deal — and because you're reading this, I assume you are — be immodest when business calls for it.

This is the biggie. The “nuclear” persuasion secret. The mother of all neuro secrets.
Get this right and you’ll erase the competition from your audience’s mind, forever.
Every marketing piece you create, every email you write, and every video you shoot will be like a black hole, drawing your audience in, ready for whatever you have to offer.

BUT… get it right and your audiences will be powerless to ignore your message.
Using it will stop casual browsers in their tracks and draw them into your story so fully that all other distractions will be shut out and you will hold their attention like a vice.
It’ll turn “umm maybes” into “OMG yes yes yes!” and lets you build an army of die hard customers.
THAT’S how powerful it is.

MEET BUSHRA AZHAR // Founder & Lead Trainer of The Persuasion School

I am Bushra & I am a mad scientist when it comes to persuasion; reading, testing, researching, mixing up strange unmentionable concoctions and then synthesizing all of this persuasion wisdom into simple actionable strategies that can take you light years ahead of everyone in your industry,
I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behaviour and have taught thousands of tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.
I am legit obsessed with how the human brain works but also with how to use this information to get a YES online. I have taken thousands of people from lost & frazzled to being intergalactic balls of awesome...all through the power of persuasion.
My students have used my persuasion hacks to make millions of dollars while slashing their ad budgets by 80% and from lists of less than 100 people.

And now you get to steal all of my persuasion secrets..

Introducing: The Master Persuader

Unlock Your Hidden Persuasion Powers to Get a YES, Duck a NO
and Never Settle For a Maybe

  1. 1
    The 3 Ps of Persuasion Mastery that 9 out of 10 people either willingly ignore or get wrong. (Check your own communication – I’ll bet you’ve done it dozens of times yourself.)
    These 3 Ps deflect people’s objections like bullet-proof glass & makes them listen to your messages with the same confidence as they listen to their family doctor.
    It’ll get the doubters concurring with you, the disbelievers nodding in agreement and the detractors turning into cheerleaders. Starts on page 85
  2. 2
    How to create a Tale of Intrigue & use the 5 formulas to turn this tale into an unputdownable, unclickawayable story.
    Done right, your Tale of Intrigue is a journey. A complete, safe, all-gaps-filled-in journey to transformation. On this journey, you are known. You are liked. And you are trusted.
    I promise these formulas will pop ears and straighten spines when you tell the story of how you became who you are today. (Yes, they are that good — I tested them myself!) Starts on page 96
  3. 3
    The Youness Quotient and how to craft your own for maximum persuasion power. Your Youness Quotient is more than a resume. It is the twists and turns you have navigated your way through to achieve everything you have — even though all odds were against you! When someone asks you to tell them about yourself, you MUST have this down or you run the rick of coming across as lost, unsure & unimpressive Starts on Page 54
  4. 4
    A centuries old persuasion secret no one talks about. It’s called Identity Alignment and if
    done right, you will virtually eliminate the need to go looking for buyers
    , or to tell people who you are and what you do. And most need for that dreaded hard-sell. This right here is the key to having an unforgettable brand that crawls inside people’s brains.
    It makes people open every single email you send them.
    It makes them devour every single word like chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.
    And it turns them into eager, raving fans who won't leave you alone. Starts on Page 78

And then There's The Nifty 50

How to have a ready to slay response for 50 of the most tricky business situations. Never mumble, grumble or hesitate..just PERSUADE no matter what the situation.

Every moment in business, you are either the Persuadee or the Persuader.

 The point of The Nifty 50 is to give you that persuasive language you will need AHEAD of time for every situation. And whether it's for your bio, your welcome email, your webinar pitch, your video script or your sales call, you will finish this book with a water-tight weapon of mass persuasion for every circumstance you find yourself in such as:

  1. 1
    When someone asks “What do you do?” and you want to come across as the expert but not a pompous know-it-all (page 124 has the answer)
  2. 2
    How to boast on social media about your achievements without sounding like an arrogant asshole (see the answer on page 125)
  3. 3
    How to create urgency when there isn't any urgency and how to do that in a way that does not make you want to puke in your purse (starts on page 131)
  4. 4
    How to deal when your product or service gets a negative review so that everyone watching become an instant fan (my best advice on page 167)
  5. 5
    How to react when a competitor publicly tries to sabotage your business or poach your clients (no need to bitchslap them, page 170  offers a better solution)
  6. 6
    When you have to convince some judgy asshole about the value of your work in a discovery call without sounding needy or defensive (Go to page 162 for the details)
  7. 7
    When you get the “I don't have the money” objection and you know for sure it's just an excuse (no need to twist the knife, instead follow these 2 simple objection busters on page 142)
  8. 8
    When you want to captivate an audience with your opening lines (and get a standing ovation from your closing ones) (all the deets on page 118)
  9. 9
    When you are desperate for a media feature but don't want to come across as needy and lame (use the pitch formula on page 128)
  10. 10
    When you are eager to land a partnership deal without having to push for it (use the simple formula on page  119)
  11. 11
    When you join a new group and want to make an unforgettable (positive) first impression (use the simple template I recommend on page 111)
  12. 12
    When you want to reveal a new offer and instantly stir up insatiable hunger for it (this will vary depending your persuasion type as detailed on page 133)
  13. 13
    When you want to send a last call email that gets the sale without sounding pushy, icky or weird (last call emails are an art form and this template on page 134 gives you  the full system)
  14. 14
    When you want an unforgettable opener for your Facebook Live so people are hooked for life (steal this formula and FFS don’t do the lingering start that slowly kills your audience, details on page 113)
  15. 15
    When you want a sticky first impression on a webinar so people stay until the end (use my ice-breaker template on page 116 that gets me almost a 100% retention on live webinars)
  16. 16
    When you receive a refund request beyond the terms of purchase and you want to give a genuine answer without sounding bitchy or defensive (follow my advice on page 157)

And basically every other business situation that requires an effortless, automatic YES. You'll have ME by your side and my brain on tap for all of them!


That will make you want to french-kiss your screen

When you play the game of selling your ideas, your work or yourself, you cannot rely on chance. You cannot let someone else take the lead on getting to that YES. You cannot let people decide willy-nilly if they like you (or not), if your product is worth it (or not) or if they should give you money (or not). You cannot bet on luck in The Persuasion Games if you want to win. There is only one way to twist the odds in your favour...always.
Become a Master Persuader.
When you do, your sales will be effortless and your launches painless.
This book is your chance to become the Master Persuader of your industry and these bonuses make it happen faster than is humanly possible.

Bonus 1
The Seduction Dissection- WORTH $497

How the History’s Most Powerful Master Persuaders used charm, seduction & psychology to woo the world (and what we can learn from them)
Time for some dark sordid history. A never shared before anthology of some of the most powerful persuaders from history. We aren't talking about the Kennedy’s or Steve Jobs of the world, we are talking about:

  • The seduction tactics used by Duke de Lauzun, one of history’s greatest male seducers.
    The story of 70-year-old man who not only completely charmed an uncharmeable queen but also became her most reliable confidante.
  • How the orphan girl Norma Jean used subtle charm and childlike wonder to become Marilyn Monroe.
  • How Charlie Chaplin went from dire poverty to becoming one of the moist recognized faces in the world. The skills these master persuaders not just make for inspirational stories but are also transplantable in your business right now
  • How an African American Broadway singer, through the power of persuasion became so influential in Paris that her funeral, in 1975, was nationally televised, a huge cultural event. She was buried with the kind of pomp normally reserved only for heads of state.
Bonus 3
Nifty Fifty Unplugged- WORTH $197

A private podcast for all 50 scenarios in the Nifty 50 but with more details based on your Persuader Type. Just click play on each file and get a ready answer to deal with that particulate situation.

Bonus 2
30 Day Master Persuader Challenge- WORTH $497

Every single day for 30 days, you will get a chance to move one step closer to being a Master Persuader.
This is a 30 Day Live Challenge with Daily Micro-Tasks to Make You a Master Persuader Who ALWAYS Gets a Yes, Ducks a No and Never Settles for a Maybe 

  • On one day, I will share a micro-task to turn your lame-O offer into a super-persuasive, wallet-snatching, drool-inducing offer
  • On the next day, I will share a micro-task to turn your sales page into a cash-pumping, OMG-generating, madness-creating page.
  • On one day, I will share a micro-task to turn your ads into a scroll-freezing, hype-creating, sale-getting magnet.
  • On yet another day, I will share a micro-task to turn your webinar pitch into a revenue-pumping, mania-inducing, high converting cash engine.

    This madness continues for 30 days and you will walk away from this challenge with the confidence of an Olympic athlete and the persuasion prowess of a Master Persuader..
Bonus 4
The Master Persuader Study Camp- WORTH $497

Don’t just read, apply what you read & practice your newly minted persuasion skills while being surrounded by a hand-picked community of other master persuaders.

Here's Everything Included...

  • Instant Access to The Full 180 Page The Master Persuader Book Worth $97
  • The Nifty Fifty Unplugged Worth $97
  • Seduction Dissection Worth $197
  • 30 Day Master Persuader Challenge- Worth $197
  • The Master Persuader Study Camp- Worth $97

All these now for just:

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One Last Thing....

I’ll be square with you. You could dedicate yourself to studying neuromarketing, influence & persuasion techniques. You could read dozens of books, overdose on poorly made YouTube videos, taking notes until your fingers drop off, trying to figure out what’s important and what’s not. And then spend time testing those strategies to see if they work or not.
But all that would take you months or – more likely – years.
Instead, I want to show you how you can get the most condensed, actionable strategies to Persuasion Mastery right away.
Every day you’re not putting these persuasion secrets to work for you is another day your business is falling behind. Another day of struggling to get noticed. Another day with zero sales.

Another day scraping by with too few YESes.
Chose to start now. Choose to say yes (so you hear yes more often)
Get started now, so you can start putting these powerful persuasion strategies to work for you.

Ready to Become a Master Persuader?

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