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persuasion hacks lab is the ultimate shortcut to mastering buyer psychology and making bucket loads of cash by dominating the hearts, minds and wallets of your buyers


Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Offer Masterclass

In this masterclass, we dive deep into the psychology of persuasive offers so you create offers so delightfully irresistible that even people who are only mildly interested, cannot stop themselves from stopping, browsing, pondering & buying.  Find out how to make your offer worth double, triple, or even ten times what people would pay someone else for the same thing.

Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Sales Page Masterclass

Crack the code to a cash pumping sales page that bulldozes objections, triggers the right BUYING emotions & makes them throw their wallets at your face.

You will know exactly what needs to be added to a sales page to make it virtually rejection-proof, whether you are selling a $7 offer or a $7,000 offer.

Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Opt in Page Masterclass

The science & psychology of opt in pages that instantly draw people in and not just make them want to sign up but also seed the idea of your paid offer, the kind of opt in page that gets you leads with purchase intention.

In this masterclass, you will get some of the most powerful secrets of lead generation that will have random browsers turn into subscribers at the first hello

Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Webinar Masterclass

Find out exactly what persuasion switches to flip, what psychological triggers to activate and what brain hacks to deploy for a webinar that gets the right people signed up, most people show up & maximum people buy.


This masterclass gives you every thing you need to conceptualise your webinar, promote your webinar and deliver it for maximum conversions.

Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Lead Magnet Masterclass

No more creating lead magnets that attract nothing but a hoard of freebie hunters, instead let’s take a deep dive into buyer psychology to craft your Better-Than-Paid Freebie that effortlessly attracts high quality leads with purchase intention (includes 3 ready to use pre-designed templates)

Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Offer Name Masterclass

Find out how to use brain science to come up with sticky, memorable, attention-snatching names. No more coming up with boring AF completely unrecognisable names that sound like every one else in your market. Instead, come up with names that instantly draw attention to your offer and seeds the outcome in the buyer's brain!

Instant Access: Your Super Persuasive Script Bank

20+ email scripts to get a yes, duck a no & never settle for a maybe no matter what situation you are dealing with.

Instant Access: Your Persuasion Bag O' Hacks

Dive into my Persuasion Bag O’ Hacks with 10 super strategic brain hacks solving a very specific, very painful cash-blocking problem.

Instant Access: Genius Spotlight Sessions

20+ genius spotlight sessions from hand-picked experts speaking on everything from:

  • Hacking emotional intelligence to 
  • Luxe branding
  • Podcasting
  • Productivity
  • Endless energy
  • Business structuring
  • Selling offer bundles
  • Selling to corporate clients
  • Spirituality & mindfulness & more...

LIVE MONTHLY: Invisible Persuasion Campaigns + Implementation

New Invisible persuasion campaign with implementation every single month you can:

  • Sell Memberships
  • Sell Ultra Premium Offers
  • Sell Group Programs
  • Sell Coaching Programs
  • Sell Hybrid Offers
  • Sell Live Events
  • Sell Low Ticket Offers
  • Sell Paid Challenges
  • Sell Masterminds

This is What Happens When You Become a Weapon of Mass Persuasion

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When You Join Persuasion Hacks Lab

Persuasion hacks lab is the ultimate shortcut to mastering buyer psychology and making bucket loads of cash by dominating the hearts, minds and wallets of your buyers. 

 this is your chance to get my most treasured collection of persuasion, powered, marketing checklists templates, cheat sheets, and swipe files.

Not to mention full on masterclasses all about becoming a weapon of mass persuasion.

You can now borrow my brain sexy up your message and kick boring in the nuts. All to the power of persuasion.

  • Instant Access: 6 Full Masterclasses On Persuasive Offers, Sales Pages, Opt In Pages, Webinars, Lead Magnets & Names
  • Instant Access: 20+ Email Scripts To Get A Yes, Duck A No & Never Settle For A Maybe
  • Instant Access: 20+ Genius Spotlight Sessions From Hand-Picked Experts
  • Persuasion Bag O’ Hacks: 10 Very Specific, Very Strategic Brain Hacks Solving A Very Painful Cash-Blocking Problem.
  • Every Month: Live Invisible Persuasion Campaigns 
  • Every Month: Complete Campaign Blueprint And Everything You Need To Sell Using My Under The Radar Persuasion Secrets
  • Every Month: Monthly Implementation Challenge In The Private FB Community
  • Every Month: Persuasion Rockstar Of The Month With Special Prizes
  • Private Facebook Community For Support & Accountability

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I don't believe in get-rich-quick, take-this pill-and-be- awesome systems. I believe in hard work, integrity and service. That is exactly what all my courses and programs are meant to help you do. There are obviously no guarantees that you will get the same results as I did because that depends on your industry, your ability and your business..not to mention your resolve to step into the arena with the intention to win. I am here to give you the best tools possible to get you where you want to go but at the end of the day these are just tools, YOU gotta use them to get the results you want. What use is a great steak knife if you plan to order takeout right?
Please remember that nothing on this page or any of my websites or emails is a promise of earnings or a guarantee of results.

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