21 Hidden Influence Triggers This Pop Icon Uses To Sell Out Stadiums, Reach Millions And Become A One-Person Market

and how you can deploy these Branding, marketing & launch strategies to take over your own Industries, sell out your offers and have a guaranteed hit every time

Welcome to The Land of EverMore Possibility.

You’re about to gain superhuman influence powers that leave everyone else wondering what just happened to them as you waltz away with...
More connections, more conversations, more bonding, more sales

Using The SwiftFluence Triggers I have gleaned from everything this pop star does
and no, I am not associated in any way with her nor do I have some insider information.

I am just really really good at decoding the hidden persuasion triggers, emotional cues & cognitive influences used by influential people.
and now I am doing it for one of the most powerful influencers on our times & not just decoding it but also giving you a full swipe & deploy system to use in your own business.
Not to mention you will actually create your own SwiftFlunece Playbook to serve as your guide for your own sell out strategy

Here's How The Tour Goes Down....

Day One: April 03, 2024

The session will run for 2 hours starting at 2 PM UK/9AM EST and the recordings will be available for a few days after the live session

Choose Your Era

How to choose your Era and then build bonds, heart connections & brand loyalty with people drawn to that era

Find your feud

A sneaky way to use “FABRICATED FEUDS” to strengthen your bond with your people (I once did this in an ad and got 500+ comments on that ad, mostly of the “OMG yes me too” variety

Lock your emotion

The best emotion to focus on in your brand that draws people to you like kids to candy. Forget pain or greed, this is the holy grail emotion straight from the swift play book!

build your offer

The ONLY way to create offers if you want to sell out those offers like Swift sells out stadiums.

Day Two: April 04, 2024

The session will run for 2 hours starting at 2 PM UK/9AM EST and the recordings will be available for a few days after the live session

Find Your flaws

How to flip around your flaws, warts and imperfection into a marketing narrative that makes you even more powerfully endearing

swipe your buyers

How to “swipe” your buyer’s entire personality and internal dialogue into your marketing so it sounds exactly like their inner voice (you know that no one does it better than swift right?!)

Lock your marketing angle

The LOVER marketing angle works like crazy to get people to read your stuff top to bottom. (This works so well you should be really careful — or you’ll end up with almost fanatic buyers

nail your marketing

Your entire marketing blueprint mapped out to a T using SwiftFluence Triggers in under 30 minutes.

Day Three: April 05, 2024

The session will run for 2 hours starting at 2 PM UK/9AM EST and the recordings will be available for a few days after the live session

Lock Your Sell Out Strategy

The Stadium Sell Out Strategy for having people lined up to buy even before you make it available (we all know the magic of waitlists & promo codes, now we get to use it)

Swipe The System

The old school launch system that still works (and always will) to knock down the wall of skepticism & indifference surrounding your offers & making people trip over themselves to buy

Build The 3Ts

The Teaser-Trailer-Tribe Sequence to get unbelievable buzz built around your launch even if your cart open is days in the future

Create Your calendar

Your entire Sold Out Launch Calendar created & locked using Swiftfluence Triggers in under 30 minutes

About Bushra Azhar- Self-made Multimillionaire, Best-selling author, Mad scientist

I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behavior and have taught 100,000+ tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.

I started in July 2014 and managed to go from an absolute nobody with zero connections and subzero sales to $16M+ in sales in less than 10 years.
and have managed to add $80 Million+ in extra revenue for my clients & students.

I legit can't wait to share with you the secret mind hacks I have used to take thousands of people from lost & frazzled to being intergalactic balls of awesome...all through the power of persuasion.

Learn what Swift does to sell out stadiums
And use it to sell out your offers

You can love her
You can hate her
You can be completely indifferent to her
But you can not deny the influence Swift holds over her audience
It’s a very specific set of bonding, marketing & launch strategies that she used to sell out stadiums, reach millions and become a one person market

And now I am decoding all of these strategies in a live tour over 3 days (plus giving you your own personalised SwiftFluence playbook).

Not Just Teaching You, Not Just Telling You But Actually Showing You These SwiftFluence Triggers IN ACTION…

SwiftFluence Trigger 01

How to stay in front of your people so they’ll never run off with your competitor and do that without being labelled an “annoying pest.”

SwiftFluence Trigger 02

The Irrational hook that gets people to fall head over heels in love with your products. The irrationality of this love is EXACTLY what gets people to buy anything.

SwiftFluence Trigger 03
The Snap

The #1 secret to “snapping them out” of the no money, no luck mindset so they’re able to make a buying decision and not leave you hanging in a limbo.

SwiftFluence Trigger 04
The Annihilation

How to annihilate the “woe is me mindset” 99% of your people suffer from, and why this one thing can boost the YES response as much as tenfold.

SwiftFluence Trigger 05
Secret Sessions

The super simple and mega effective Secret Session Strategy you can use before any launch to get people to feel ultra special (and buy everything you sell)

SwiftFluence Trigger 06
Easter Eggs

How to sprinkle easter eggs in your marketing & train people (plus rewards people) to look for them. This is what viral marketing is made of.

SwiftFluence Trigger 07
Internal Dialogue As Story

Your buyers have an internal dialogue and when you use that internal dialogue to weave stories in your content, magic happens!

SwiftFluence Trigger 10
Intrigue & Speculation

How to build an aura of intrigue around your brand and marketing, so people talk about you, speculate about you & stalk you everywhere

SwiftFluence Trigger 08
The Intellect Illusion

How to tap into people's need for intellectual stimulation by crafting narratives that create an illusion of intellect.

SwiftFluence Trigger 11
The Countdowns

The use of strategic countdowns before any special event in your business that trains your audience to look forward to the big reveal

SwiftFluence Trigger 09
Interactive Experiences

How to create really simple and super elegant interactive experiences in your launch (and no they don't require softwares or tools jut some creativity)

SwiftFluence Trigger 12
Needs, Wants, Desires

Learn the one CRUCIAL Difference between “needs”, “wants” & "desires" so that you speak to their subconscious mind. This is such a common mistake and so easily fixable

and more....so much more....

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